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We have seen many people throughout the world that do the same. They travel to distant places for food

Badland National Park

Last year, we traveled to badland national park and eat nearby.

3rd March, 2018


Mount Rushmore National Monument

This is a very historic place to visit. We anticipated for quite a long time for this.

11 December, 2017

Girl in red, clear air beneath the wheels of her bmx bike as she goes over one of the jumps more bmx and xtreme bikes

Wind Cave National Park

We ate food on our way to wind cave national park.

23 November, 2018


Mammoth Site

Here we say a large number of columbian mammoth bones.

12 January, 2019


Spearfish Canyon

We went to visit this stunning waterfalls last year.

12 April, 2019

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- Monica Tata

Motorcycle Accessories List: a Beginner’s Guide

Motorcycle Accessories List
Once you have gotten your most anticipated brand new bike, you want it to be equipped with all the necessary biking accessories to make your ridings easier, comfortable, and safer. Some special-purpose accessories can significantly enhance your biking experience. If you are puzzled and confused about what accessories to get for your bike, here is a list of the most useful accessories that you can get.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Motorcycle

When I’m talking about useful motorbike accessories, I don’t mean fancy shoes and clothes; these are the things that pretty much everyone is well-aware of. There are some other gears and accessories that you must need.

1. Riding Gears

Although these are the most common ones that I’m sure people know about, you need to get the one that can withstand impacts. Spending money in a high-quality helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants, etc. is like an investment for yourself. If you compromise the quality here, you might end up spending more money on recovering from injuries. Riding Gears If you are a beginner and don’t know much about which gears to buy that ensures your safety as well as provide you excellent riding experience, head over to They have lots of articles regarding choosing the right gears and explaining useful bike-related staff that I’m sure you didn’t probably hear of.

2. Security Systems

No matter wherever you want to go riding the bike, you must ensure it got a reliable security system that will prevent the thief from stealing it. Motorcycle security systems include complicated locking system, sophisticated alarms, GPS tracking, etc. Motorcycle gear lock image Although stealing a bike is quite a difficult job, you can make it harder for the thief. A heavy-duty complicated locking system will make things a lot difficult to steal it. And, even if the thief manages to unlock the system, the alarm can alert you once it undergoes through anything unusual. There are high tech alarm disk locking systems that come with an advanced locking mechanism with motion sensor alarm. Therefore, having a proper security system is a must to prevent stealing, and you can get your bike back by GPS tracking if anything goes wrong.

3. Tools

Although it’s not directly linked with bike accessories, you must have the correct toolbox for your bike to be able to fix all basic problems that you might come across quickly. motorcycle Tools By the time, you will be more familiar with your bike’s mechanism and can save a lot of money if you learn some basic servicing and repairing stuff. Therefore, you must be equipped with all the necessary tools. You can carry a toolbox with you so that you don’t have to rely on professionals to do the mechanical servicing for you. There are pocket-sized multi-tools with sockets available in the market that pretty much have everything you will need for roadside quick fixing. You can conveniently carry it in one of your pockets.

4. Motorcycle Luggage

If you have bike buddies, and frequently go for adventure tours, then you must consider getting a set of good quality motorbike luggage as well. Apart from touring, this luggage can come very useful when you are to move things from one place to another, go for shopping, and whatnot. Motorcycle Luggage Getting saddlebags allows you to attach a tail bag to further increase the carrying capacity. There is both soft and hard luggage available in the market; wisely get one that meets your purposes.

5. Heated Clothing

Motorcycle Heated Clothing Heat clothing keeps you warm using your bike’s electrical system. This accessory is a bit expensive. However, not everyone needs to get this. If your city has a freezing temperature, having this one will buy you great comfortable, extended riding seasons regardless of the temperature.

6. Crash Protection

Crash Protection You don’t want to face crashes; still, you need to take protection to keep the damage to its minimum. For this purpose, you can get bar ends, frame sliders, fork sliders, and swingarm spools that will protect the bike from severe damage. These crash protection parts are way cheaper than the expensive plastic body and hard parts of your bike.

7. Reflection

If you regularly have to return to your home by riding during nights, having a good reflection system on your bike is a must. Lots of accidents occur due to poor visibility, mostly at night time. motorcycle reflection system Consider getting reflective plate bolts, stickers, tape, and strategically place them on the bike’s surface. Some riding gears come with reflective panels or tubing; for example, a reflective helmet or jacket; you can also buy them for convenience as well.

8. Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit

No matter how many times you check the condition of the tire and tube, deep down, you always have a fear of ending up with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Having such a repair kit can make fixing a lot easier. Motorcycle Tire and Tube Repair Kit Image You don’t even need to wait for the professionals to come and fix it for you and pay money that is 5 times the price of kit like this one.

9. Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System If you frequently race or tour with your buddies, establishing a communication system among the riders is an essential thing. You can even do audio multitasking that seamlessly blends the voice transmission. Some advanced communicators also feature an action camera that comes very handy for those who shoot on the go. This is an essential piece of accessories for bike enthusiasts.

10. Action/Go Pro Camera

Action/Gopro Camera in helmet In case you travel more often and want to record every bit of your riding and touring experience, having a Go-Pro camera is a must for you, similar to your helmet. Some high-end action cameras come with a GPS feature that allows you to integrate the data based on location.

Honorable Mentions

Apart from all these that are mentioned above, you can also get a tank bag, advance GPS, portable power supply, rugged backpack, advanced LED headlight, disk lock, motorbike windshield, exhaust wrap roll, and many others to further enhance your riding experience.

Final Words

Having a motorcycle itself brings you several advantages than those who don’t have. However, you can further increase its efficiency and potentiality by adding a few useful accessories that will take care of the safety issue as well as make riding even more enjoyable.

Mongoose BMX: Should You Get One Of These?

Before signing up and starting your path to BMX racing, you first need a bike that can take you to victory! Mongoose BMX is one of the preferential options in the list. Though, before getting all excited and buy it to your local biking shop, let us first assess its quality and know if it is fit for you.

There are numerous types of function that may act as an advantage or disadvantage while on the track. To evaluate its specifications, here is the information that may come in handy!

The Mongoose BMX

Mongoose is an authentic brand in the biking industry and produces a quality product that aims to perform a smooth track for racers that pushes the limits of their ability. In terms of their target market, they focus on the two kinds of needs for their costumer.

Specifically, the budget-friendly discounted prices that can be seen on the department stores, and the high-end bicycles with topnotch specifications that can be ordered from bicycle shops or their official site.

Often, it is assessed based on its performance, but the evaluation should be based on the appropriateness of the setting that the bicycle is designed for.

Budget-friendly Mongoose Bikes

When looking for a budget-friendly mongoose line, keep in mind that it is built for them on the road commuters as transportation. Though, in this case, you can get what you pay for as it provides a sleek bicycle that can hold up well.

It is not known to be made as performance bikes in racing, for it does not offer the advantage of having the stiffest frames or best components that you may need while racing. Instead, it is designed to take you to your school, home, or wherever you need to go.

It may not take you to the finish line of a BMX racing competition, but it can take you where you need to be! With this model, you are ensured to travel at ease.

High-end Mongoose Bikes

This type of model is what the racers are longing for! It is a mongoose line with a superior ability compared to other designs. It compromises with the specifications needed in BMX racing and mountain biking.

Though, with better frames and up to par components, it is known to be more expensive than your typical mongoose ride.

The expense is due to the materials in construction since it is made from high-end raw materials. It is made with triple-butted steel or aluminum which gives sturdy but strong components.

It is built especially for your racing experience, which separates its superiority with other common bicycles.

Intention & Usage

When looking for a bicycle to fill in your needs, keep in mind the question of “where will intend to use it?”

There is a wide range of bicycle products and manufacturers that aims to provide what you are looking for, so simply walking into a bicycle shop would not do the trick. Worse, you may get the type that does not suit your expectations!

Mongoose offers the quality bicycle that everyone is looking for, but its type depends on usage. The customer should be aware of the limits before purchasing a bicycle and evaluate the specifications that meet his/her preference. Select the type if it is with the aim of everyday traveling, competition, or mountain riding.

Tips for Choosing BMX bicycle

If you are aiming to start in the world of BMX racing, you need a bicycle that can compromise your opinion. To achieve this, here is the basic information that you need to evaluate during your selection;

1. Budget Price Point

Before being keen on specifications, first, know how much you can spend. Remember that expecting the performance of the bicycle requires a standard price, which means that you need to set your limit.

Also, compare the upgrade in each price range. Doing this may prevent you from wanting something beyond what you can afford.

2. Weight Comparison

In the racing environment, having a lightweight bicycle is an advantage. It makes you be in control better and riding longer without getting tired. Besides, the quality parts are usually lighter and better that generic aluminum or steel parts.

3. Don’t Fall In Love Based On The Design

While aesthetics can be a basic human desire, with their favorite design and color existing, do not fall for these gimmicks. The design does not make your bike ride different, but the specifications do. You can always customize your bike later in usage, so don’t worry!

4. Warranty or Service Plan

The bicycle shops usually offer service maintenance when you buy a bike that can be up to a year. Take advantage by bringing it to check-ups and routine maintenance. This may help you to learn how to work your bike by yourself and keep it running smoothly in the long run.

5. Pick The Appropriate Size

The ride height should be in proportional with the top tube length. This provides an easy and comfortable ride. Having a bicycle that is too big or too small may keep you bothered, which can affect your overall performance. Be sure to test it out, and see if it is fine with your riding style.

6. There Is No Such Thing As Bicycles That Can Last Forever

The components, especially grips, pedals, tires, and pegs may wear out, and it is normal. The often you crash your bike can decide how fast your bicycle may wear out. Also, know that the more expensive bikes tend to last longer. Always be prepared for your bike to fail, but never let it discourage you.

7. Observe The Placement of Chromoly

The chronology is a lightweight alloy metal that the frames and bars are made. When looking for a bike, observe the amount of chronology used.

If you see two bicycles with the same price range, look at the bottom of your bike and ensure that it is chromoly. It can save you a few pence since the forks and downtube typically becomes dented while learning.

Choose The Right Bike For You!

Mongoose bikes can get you started in BMX racing, but make sure that it is the correct model. Failure to do so can lead you to a bicycle that does not live up to your expectation.

Keep in mind that each of the products is ensured to have the best quality depending on your designated usage, and so know your intentions first before evaluating the specifications.

Assess, buy, and ride your mongoose bicycle now and chase your dreams up to the finish line!

Best BMX Bike Brands Currently Available On The Market

As you are starting in the BMX world, you should know that alongside quality is the familiarity of the brand. Many engage in a specific type of manufacturer because they think it suits them best and helps them in their skill.

As a rider, you should know each branding cons, pros, and preference to get the bike of your dreams! Here in this post, we talk about the best 4 bmx bike brands right now.

Top 4 BMX Brands

Having a reliable bike can give you a good starting point to learn the riding guidelines. Specifically, most buyers look into three concepts when looking for bikes which suit them.

These are the branding, price, and design. The branding is crucial since it will ensure the quality of the bike, and that it is not made up of unfamiliar cheap materials that may not last long. Along with this, the price and design set up a stopping point, since you would need a quality bike with a preferred design that reaches your budget.

To have a gist regarding the bike brands, here are some of the reliable BMX rides;

1. Haro

It is known to be the most iconic in the biking industry. The company started by making number plates, but then made bikes as the passion grew. Their cheapest bike to offer is Haro Mongoose.

2. Kink

It is known to be a small company but offers a high-quality BMX bike that is affordable and below the price of its competitors. Even with this, it still offers a lightweight and strong durability that is useful for long time usage.

3. Mongoose

When you hear of BMX rides, it is impossible to not include mongoose on the list, especially that it is already a ling time brand. It is known for its excellent characteristic, especially for beginners.

Though, it addresses all types of riders depending on the model. They are also known for cheap and durable bikes compared to their competing brands.

4. Eastern

It is known to be a household name in the BMX competitions. It is around for 20 years and offers a high-quality bike that meets every rider’s needs. The best seller in this brand is Eastern Cobra which is known to be cheap and Eastern Natural.

BMX Bikes for Riders on A Budget

In the riding industry, getting bikes is not the cheapest investment, since you aim to have the highest quality possible for your budget. But also, you do not need to suffer and burn a few dollars just to get an up to par equipment, since it can still be done no matter the price point is. Regardless of the cost, here are some if the cheapest bike you can get;

1. SE Everyday

The kind is a great startup to introduce you in the BMX industry. As a rider, you can choose to modify it in the long run or keep the pieces intact, depending on the acquired knowledge along the way and what you think suits you best.

It is highly known for its brake lever that is Tektro alloy and with a three-piece Chromoly crank. It also has a brake lever with extra adjustment in case you prefer a slightly big tire than the standard 20 inches that it comes with.

Aside from that, the benefit can be seen as it is geared and set up especially for beginners. Though, as all of the other bikes, its cons include that the bike may be too small for riders that are over 5’9” in height.

2. Framed Twenty6er

As the name implies, the 26-inch frame bike is suitable for large athletes that prefer a comfortable ride, since plenty of space can be allotted for them. It has an alloy frame that is known to be solid in support, and a high tensile steel fork. An alloy lever brake can also be seen in front, and at the back is disc brake for quick stops.

Though, its cons include that it may be a bit heavy than the other bikes and that the brakes would need adjustments ever so often.

3. Redline Bikes Asset

It is known as a freestyle bike with a low profile look. The tires ensure a secure grip on the riding surface whatever the setting, may it be a smooth trail or dirt trails. It is also preferable for tricks since it has nine-inch bars that give plenty of access for grip.

The only downsides for this bike are that it may be a bit too small for large riders and that it is not one of the lighter bikes available in the market.

4. Mongoose Legion L80

Its target market includes beginners and intermediate level athletes. The characteristic includes a lighter weight and durable components.

The bike is also equipped with three-piece cranks, and U-brake alloy locates at the back, that gives an increase in terms of stopping power. It can also accommodate riders that are 6″ tall. Though, the cons include that the set angle is not adjustable, which means that there is a little room for modification. It also comes with one size, and that it is not that preferable for riders who use tricks unless further modification since some components is too cheap for the movement.

5. GT Pro Performer

It is known to be a great investment despite a bigger price tag compared to others especially when you are into versatile bikes. It has steel frames and a double alloy wall rims. The U-brakes is also made of aluminum with alloy levers. It also has GT saddle and pedals

The cons include the limited size and color options.

Avoid Buying from Cheap BMX Brands

If the bike parts or accessories tend to be unknown and relatively cheap, you can expect that cheap kits do not last for long. Based on the rider’s experience, branded products would most likely outlast any non-branded or cheap alternative.

Especially, for beginners that would tend to need more durability in their bikes, having a branded bike would be an investment for your biking career.

Conclusion: Be Brand-conscious!

As each brand has certain strengths and weaknesses, the performance still depends on your preference and your ability to maintain it. The branding plays a vital role in the biking career of an athlete since a reliable bicycle is needed in ever competition.

Know how to select the manufacturer based on eliminating the key factors that you have, such as being a large rider, you would need a larger frame or that, you prefer a much lighter weight in bikes.

Whatever the circumstance may be, learn how to choose the bike that you prefer above the rest!

BMX Gear Chart – All You Need to Know

Often times, we use the finest bicycles available in order to support our riding escapades, especially racing. In attempts to extend its potential up to its maximum extent, we look into its parts for any possible modification that can help its speed.

Gears, the one that makes up the overall bicycle, is one of the fundamentals that helps the quality of the bike. Not only does it allow the bike to move or function, but its characteristic can affect the comfortability and easy movement, which in return, can be your way to reach the finish line ahead of others.

As the gears circulate, the preferred ratio and its overall make-up may depend on the condition and  indicated setting.

In order to know how to calculate or evaluate its function, the text will indicate the details needed in order to improve the performance of the bike that you have!

How It Works: Gear Set-Up

Being a rider does not only require the skill of getting on the bicycle and finish first against the other athletes, but also, it comes with the responsibility regarding the things that you use.

With this, you should know how to assess and sustain the quality of the bicycle and accessories used, in order to achieve the maximum experience with the product.

The bike should be set up properly according to preference. In terms of gears, it is known to be one of the important parts in BMX racing. Knowing how to change your ratio depending on the tracks and conditions gives you a heads up compared to others, since it would significantly help your speed.

To know the basics of this fundamental, you can improve the acceleration by increasing the amount of teeth on the rear cog or decreasing the amount of teeth in the front sprocket.

To achieve a greater speed, pick a smaller freewheel or a big sprocket located in front. Keep in mind that if evaluating between the amount of teeth or a freewheel with smaller size, the teeth would have a bigger impact regarding the improvement of acceleration.

You need to experiment and evaluate your capability to know what can be used for your riding style. Most dilemma includes needing to find a gear that suits your speed, such as some ratios let you accelerate quick but if you cannot pedal smoothly and quickly, then you would be most likely left out by the rest of the competitors.

Gear Ratios & Inch Gears

When participating in BMX racing or is simply a bike enthusiast, it is important to know the ways of changing the gear ratio and at its destined time. A part of this process is knowing the gear ratio and inch gears, which can be obtained based on calculation. To know more about its process, here are the following ways—

Gear Ratio Calculation

The number in a gear chart can be acquired if you divide the number of teeth located on the sprocket upfront with the amount of teeth on the rear of your bike. An example of this occurrence is a gear ratio for 44/16 which can be set up to 2.75.

Inch Gear Calculation

The calculation for the amount in inch gears can be obtained by multiplying the gear ratio with the circumference of the wheel. The numbers obtained will be the distance that  you can travel in inches, since the front sprocket will have full revolutions.

Gear Size

For a reference regarding the size of the gears, here are some if the possibilities which can guide you to your calculation;

Wheels: 20”x1.5”

Rear 14:

With 34 teeth in chain ring: 46.8

With 35 teeth in chain ring: 48.1

With 36 teeth in chain ring: 49.5

Rear 15:

With 34 teeth in chain ring: 43.6

With 35 teeth in chain ring: 44.9

With 36 teeth in chain ring: 46.2

Rear 16:

With 34 teeth in chain ring: 40.9

With 35 teeth in chain ring: 42.1

With 36 teeth in chain ring: 43.3

The Size of The Wheel

The size of the wheel solely depends on the Athlete’s age and weight, since it would mainly support the rider while on the bike. Specifically, it modifies to meet the standard that is needed;

For under 5 years old weighting less that 54lbs: 18×1”

For 5 to 10 years old weighting 54-80 lbs: 20 or 24 x1 to 1/8”

For 12 to 14 years old weighting 114-145 lbs: 20 or 24 x1.50”

For 14 to 19 years old weighting 144-190 lbs: 20 or 24 x1.75”

For 19 years old and older weighting 190 lbs and more: 20 or 24 x2.00”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why not run smaller gears if shorter chains and smaller sprocket result to less weight?

The possibility to that reason can be explained in two cases. First, the freewheels can only be up to 14 teeth in models, so smaller than that requires a cassette hub, which is known to be more expensive and heavier that the attempt would not be worth it.

Second, the smaller sprockets means more stress on chain when laying down horse power. The small rear cogs results to less chain engagement since there are fewer teeth locked in chain, that occurs an occasional chain skips which may significantly affect the riding experience and  cause chain breakage to happen often.

2. Can the standard be 44/16 in ratio, just like in the past years, without any modification?

Riders used to engage to that idea, but as the years pass, a preferable alternative is seen, and that is calculating the gear ratio. The riders want smaller sprocket, which would not get caught in grinds yet want to lessen ounces whenever possible. This is why new edition bikes offer smaller gears.

Final Words: Arrange Your Gears For A Better Experience!

It is important to know your preferred gear ratio for a better result. Specifically, it can help in coinciding your speed, along with the knowledge of modifying your bike.

As a rider, it is your duty to take your accessories and parts up to your advantage, and sustain it in order to prolong its life. The lack of knowledge may also mean a lack of interest, which may reflect in your biking career in the long run.

What you need is determination to ensure that your bike reaches its full potential, in order for you to do too. Always remember, check, sustain, and use your bikes!

BMX Racing 101: Everything You Need to Know About

We are all bike enthusiasts starting from our childhood days; we just may not know it yet. As we learn our first pedal, our little soul always has a hint of determination as we travel with it.

Upgrading the vehicle now, we are introduced with a sleek bicycle that lets us feed our eagerness to compete with others, and it can be done using a sport that is known as BMX racing.

Before signing up, let us first know the basics to get you fully equipped!

What is BMX Racing?

In terms of formality, BMX racing can be referred to as Bicycle Motocross. It is a pedal sport wherein the riders race using a designed track, especially for the singular laps.

The riders will race that can be up to eight participants, and compete to finish the fastest. It is mostly suited for those who seek for an outdoor challenging but safe sport to engage themselves.

Things That You Need

To qualify for the race, you need to be equipped with the materials that you will use. Specifically, these are the following;

1. Bike

To race, you would need the best BMX bike on the market. It should contain the plate with the assigned color and number that are provided with the registration cost.

The trick bikes can also be used as long as it does not have a rear brake or pegs, though it is known to be slower due to its weight and wide tires. Also, there are different size guidelines per category.

It usually depends on the organized event, as indicated on the standard height and weight on the entered kind of race. Make sure that it all of its parts are stable and in good condition before attempting to compete.

2. Pedals

The platform pedals that has traction nibs are recommended especially for newbies. Clipless pedals are not for beginners since it is better for the participant to learn how to balance and ride before locking their feet at the pedal.

3. Cranks

The length of the crank plays a vital role in the speed, comfort, and overall control while racing. It is preferable to find a crank length that is close to the inseam length of the rider.

4. License

You will need a province race license to compete for the provincial series. A general license is also needed only for strider riders or those that are under age 5. Also, other kinds of the license can be required such as UCI license, depending on location.

5. Safety Equipment

To ensure safety while amid the race, you will need these additional materials;

  • Certified full face helmet
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Shoes that are closed toe
  • Gloves (full finger)
  • Chest protector
  • Padding (elbow pads and knee pads)

Structure of the Race

The flow of BMX race depends on the number of athletes registered, but it is compiled with three separate laps and a selective main race.

Each lap is started by a hydraulic starting gate with at most 8 riders that are of the same age that leaves at the same time.

They pedal with the best of their ability over the tabletops and dirt, around corners, till they reach the finish line. The athletes compete in at least 3 laps and are ranked according to points. The lower the points, the better.

The minimum participant in each category is 3 athletes. A main is subjected to happen if there are more than 8 players but less than 17. There will be an additional semi-final before the main if the registered participants are 17 but less than 24.

If it is less than 32 but at least 24, then a quarter-final will take place before the two segments. The most popular occurrence is the main, and rarely semi or quarter-final.

Usually, the participants will compete with the same age, gender, and skill. Though, it can mismatch depending on the preference of the event. If the participants are not enough for classification, it is moved up with the next skill and age group.

If it still does not add up, then the class will be moved with the skill that is the closest. It is an opportunity to compete with the older divisions that are more experienced to raise the level of eagerness to compete, so don’t get discouraged!

Initial Rules Before The Race

  • Wear helmets at all times! It lessens any potential injury and is crucial for most rules in events when riding the bicycle.
  • Clipless pedals are forbidden for under age 10 and are not recommended for beginners.
  • The plate should be visible, and if in case you need to travel outside of the province, then a side plate is provided.
  • The clothing should be long sleeves and is tucked in. Avoid showing skin as it may hurt you in times of falling off the bike.
  • Track pants or sweat pants can melt to the skin which is why it is not preferred in the district level and is prohibited in higher races such as a provincial level.

Ranking & Different Levels

When competing, here are some of the different levels that you may encounter with;


It is the first level of racing and most probably the first stage that you will come to encounter with. The competitors are local racers, and by the end of the year, the points will be tallied throughout the season.


In this stage, you will compete against athletes from your province. It is a provincial level races unto which anyone can join, providing the needed qualifications and license.


You can qualify if you earned the most points in your age group. Also, you need to meet the stated criteria of the series.

To know the points corresponding to the place earned, the pointing system reflects the place. Specifically, the 1st place earns 1 point, the 2nd place earns 2 points, and so on.

Conclusion: Compete for the Top!

When racing, you need to compete to be on the top of your game. This means that you should have the top equipment and the top initial knowledge!

BMX racing may sound like all fun and games, but the actual event can be more challenging than you think. Keeping in mind the things that is needed can help you reach the finish line at ease – or better yet, ahead of your competitors!

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