Best BMX Bike Brands Currently Available On The Market

As you are starting in the BMX world, you should know that alongside quality is the familiarity of the brand. Many engage in a specific type of manufacturer because they think it suits them best and helps them in their skill.

As a rider, you should know each branding cons, pros, and preference to get the bike of your dreams! Here in this post, we talk about the best 4 bmx bike brands right now.

Top 4 BMX Brands

Having a reliable bike can give you a good starting point to learn the riding guidelines. Specifically, most buyers look into three concepts when looking for bikes which suit them.

These are the branding, price, and design. The branding is crucial since it will ensure the quality of the bike, and that it is not made up of unfamiliar cheap materials that may not last long. Along with this, the price and design set up a stopping point, since you would need a quality bike with a preferred design that reaches your budget.

To have a gist regarding the bike brands, here are some of the reliable BMX rides;

1. Haro

It is known to be the most iconic in the biking industry. The company started by making number plates, but then made bikes as the passion grew. Their cheapest bike to offer is Haro Mongoose.

2. Kink

It is known to be a small company but offers a high-quality BMX bike that is affordable and below the price of its competitors. Even with this, it still offers a lightweight and strong durability that is useful for long time usage.

3. Mongoose

When you hear of BMX rides, it is impossible to not include mongoose on the list, especially that it is already a ling time brand. It is known for its excellent characteristic, especially for beginners.

Though, it addresses all types of riders depending on the model. They are also known for cheap and durable bikes compared to their competing brands.

4. Eastern

It is known to be a household name in the BMX competitions. It is around for 20 years and offers a high-quality bike that meets every rider’s needs. The best seller in this brand is Eastern Cobra which is known to be cheap and Eastern Natural.

BMX Bikes for Riders on A Budget

In the riding industry, getting bikes is not the cheapest investment, since you aim to have the highest quality possible for your budget. But also, you do not need to suffer and burn a few dollars just to get an up to par equipment, since it can still be done no matter the price point is. Regardless of the cost, here are some if the cheapest bike you can get;

1. SE Everyday

The kind is a great startup to introduce you in the BMX industry. As a rider, you can choose to modify it in the long run or keep the pieces intact, depending on the acquired knowledge along the way and what you think suits you best.

It is highly known for its brake lever that is Tektro alloy and with a three-piece Chromoly crank. It also has a brake lever with extra adjustment in case you prefer a slightly big tire than the standard 20 inches that it comes with.

Aside from that, the benefit can be seen as it is geared and set up especially for beginners. Though, as all of the other bikes, its cons include that the bike may be too small for riders that are over 5’9” in height.

2. Framed Twenty6er

As the name implies, the 26-inch frame bike is suitable for large athletes that prefer a comfortable ride, since plenty of space can be allotted for them. It has an alloy frame that is known to be solid in support, and a high tensile steel fork. An alloy lever brake can also be seen in front, and at the back is disc brake for quick stops.

Though, its cons include that it may be a bit heavy than the other bikes and that the brakes would need adjustments ever so often.

3. Redline Bikes Asset

It is known as a freestyle bike with a low profile look. The tires ensure a secure grip on the riding surface whatever the setting, may it be a smooth trail or dirt trails. It is also preferable for tricks since it has nine-inch bars that give plenty of access for grip.

The only downsides for this bike are that it may be a bit too small for large riders and that it is not one of the lighter bikes available in the market.

4. Mongoose Legion L80

Its target market includes beginners and intermediate level athletes. The characteristic includes a lighter weight and durable components.

The bike is also equipped with three-piece cranks, and U-brake alloy locates at the back, that gives an increase in terms of stopping power. It can also accommodate riders that are 6″ tall. Though, the cons include that the set angle is not adjustable, which means that there is a little room for modification. It also comes with one size, and that it is not that preferable for riders who use tricks unless further modification since some components is too cheap for the movement.

5. GT Pro Performer

It is known to be a great investment despite a bigger price tag compared to others especially when you are into versatile bikes. It has steel frames and a double alloy wall rims. The U-brakes is also made of aluminum with alloy levers. It also has GT saddle and pedals

The cons include the limited size and color options.

Avoid Buying from Cheap BMX Brands

If the bike parts or accessories tend to be unknown and relatively cheap, you can expect that cheap kits do not last for long. Based on the rider’s experience, branded products would most likely outlast any non-branded or cheap alternative.

Especially, for beginners that would tend to need more durability in their bikes, having a branded bike would be an investment for your biking career.

Conclusion: Be Brand-conscious!

As each brand has certain strengths and weaknesses, the performance still depends on your preference and your ability to maintain it. The branding plays a vital role in the biking career of an athlete since a reliable bicycle is needed in ever competition.

Know how to select the manufacturer based on eliminating the key factors that you have, such as being a large rider, you would need a larger frame or that, you prefer a much lighter weight in bikes.

Whatever the circumstance may be, learn how to choose the bike that you prefer above the rest!