BMX Racing 101: Everything You Need to Know About

We are all bike enthusiasts starting from our childhood days; we just may not know it yet. As we learn our first pedal, our little soul always has a hint of determination as we travel with it.

Upgrading the vehicle now, we are introduced with a sleek bicycle that lets us feed our eagerness to compete with others, and it can be done using a sport that is known as BMX racing.

Before signing up, let us first know the basics to get you fully equipped!

What is BMX Racing?

In terms of formality, BMX racing can be referred to as Bicycle Motocross. It is a pedal sport wherein the riders race using a designed track, especially for the singular laps.

The riders will race that can be up to eight participants, and compete to finish the fastest. It is mostly suited for those who seek for an outdoor challenging but safe sport to engage themselves.

Things That You Need

To qualify for the race, you need to be equipped with the materials that you will use. Specifically, these are the following;

1. Bike

To race, you would need the best BMX bike on the market. It should contain the plate with the assigned color and number that are provided with the registration cost.

The trick bikes can also be used as long as it does not have a rear brake or pegs, though it is known to be slower due to its weight and wide tires. Also, there are different size guidelines per category.

It usually depends on the organized event, as indicated on the standard height and weight on the entered kind of race. Make sure that it all of its parts are stable and in good condition before attempting to compete.

2. Pedals

The platform pedals that has traction nibs are recommended especially for newbies. Clipless pedals are not for beginners since it is better for the participant to learn how to balance and ride before locking their feet at the pedal.

3. Cranks

The length of the crank plays a vital role in the speed, comfort, and overall control while racing. It is preferable to find a crank length that is close to the inseam length of the rider.

4. License

You will need a province race license to compete for the provincial series. A general license is also needed only for strider riders or those that are under age 5. Also, other kinds of the license can be required such as UCI license, depending on location.

5. Safety Equipment

To ensure safety while amid the race, you will need these additional materials;

  • Certified full face helmet
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Shoes that are closed toe
  • Gloves (full finger)
  • Chest protector
  • Padding (elbow pads and knee pads)

Structure of the Race

The flow of BMX race depends on the number of athletes registered, but it is compiled with three separate laps and a selective main race.

Each lap is started by a hydraulic starting gate with at most 8 riders that are of the same age that leaves at the same time.

They pedal with the best of their ability over the tabletops and dirt, around corners, till they reach the finish line. The athletes compete in at least 3 laps and are ranked according to points. The lower the points, the better.

The minimum participant in each category is 3 athletes. A main is subjected to happen if there are more than 8 players but less than 17. There will be an additional semi-final before the main if the registered participants are 17 but less than 24.

If it is less than 32 but at least 24, then a quarter-final will take place before the two segments. The most popular occurrence is the main, and rarely semi or quarter-final.

Usually, the participants will compete with the same age, gender, and skill. Though, it can mismatch depending on the preference of the event. If the participants are not enough for classification, it is moved up with the next skill and age group.

If it still does not add up, then the class will be moved with the skill that is the closest. It is an opportunity to compete with the older divisions that are more experienced to raise the level of eagerness to compete, so don’t get discouraged!

Initial Rules Before The Race

  • Wear helmets at all times! It lessens any potential injury and is crucial for most rules in events when riding the bicycle.
  • Clipless pedals are forbidden for under age 10 and are not recommended for beginners.
  • The plate should be visible, and if in case you need to travel outside of the province, then a side plate is provided.
  • The clothing should be long sleeves and is tucked in. Avoid showing skin as it may hurt you in times of falling off the bike.
  • Track pants or sweat pants can melt to the skin which is why it is not preferred in the district level and is prohibited in higher races such as a provincial level.

Ranking & Different Levels

When competing, here are some of the different levels that you may encounter with;


It is the first level of racing and most probably the first stage that you will come to encounter with. The competitors are local racers, and by the end of the year, the points will be tallied throughout the season.


In this stage, you will compete against athletes from your province. It is a provincial level races unto which anyone can join, providing the needed qualifications and license.


You can qualify if you earned the most points in your age group. Also, you need to meet the stated criteria of the series.

To know the points corresponding to the place earned, the pointing system reflects the place. Specifically, the 1st place earns 1 point, the 2nd place earns 2 points, and so on.

Conclusion: Compete for the Top!

When racing, you need to compete to be on the top of your game. This means that you should have the top equipment and the top initial knowledge!

BMX racing may sound like all fun and games, but the actual event can be more challenging than you think. Keeping in mind the things that is needed can help you reach the finish line at ease – or better yet, ahead of your competitors!