Motorcycle Accessories List

Motorcycle Accessories List: a Beginner’s Guide

Once you have gotten your most anticipated brand new bike, you want it to be equipped with all the necessary biking accessories to make your ridings easier, comfortable, and safer. Some special-purpose accessories can significantly enhance your biking experience.

If you are puzzled and confused about what accessories to get for your bike, here is a list of the most useful accessories that you can get.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Motorcycle

When I’m talking about useful motorbike accessories, I don’t mean fancy shoes and clothes; these are the things that pretty much everyone is well-aware of. There are some other gears and accessories that you must need.

1. Riding Gears

Although these are the most common ones that I’m sure people know about, you need to get the one that can withstand impacts.

Spending money in a high-quality helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants, etc. is like an investment for yourself. If you compromise the quality here, you might end up spending more money on recovering from injuries.

Riding Gears

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about which gears to buy that ensures your safety as well as provide you excellent riding experience, head over to

They have lots of articles regarding choosing the right gears and explaining useful bike-related staff that I’m sure you didn’t probably hear of.

2. Security Systems

No matter wherever you want to go riding the bike, you must ensure it got a reliable security system that will prevent the thief from stealing it. Motorcycle security systems include complicated locking system, sophisticated alarms, GPS tracking, etc.

Motorcycle gear lock image

Although stealing a bike is quite a difficult job, you can make it harder for the thief. A heavy-duty complicated locking system will make things a lot difficult to steal it. And, even if the thief manages to unlock the system, the alarm can alert you once it undergoes through anything unusual.

There are high tech alarm disk locking systems that come with an advanced locking mechanism with motion sensor alarm.

Therefore, having a proper security system is a must to prevent stealing, and you can get your bike back by GPS tracking if anything goes wrong.

3. Tools

Although it’s not directly linked with bike accessories, you must have the correct toolbox for your bike to be able to fix all basic problems that you might come across quickly.

motorcycle Tools

By the time, you will be more familiar with your bike’s mechanism and can save a lot of money if you learn some basic servicing and repairing stuff. Therefore, you must be equipped with all the necessary tools. You can carry a toolbox with you so that you don’t have to rely on professionals to do the mechanical servicing for you.

There are pocket-sized multi-tools with sockets available in the market that pretty much have everything you will need for roadside quick fixing. You can conveniently carry it in one of your pockets.

4. Motorcycle Luggage

If you have bike buddies, and frequently go for adventure tours, then you must consider getting a set of good quality motorbike luggage as well. Apart from touring, this luggage can come very useful when you are to move things from one place to another, go for shopping, and whatnot.

Motorcycle Luggage

Getting saddlebags allows you to attach a tail bag to further increase the carrying capacity. There is both soft and hard luggage available in the market; wisely get one that meets your purposes.

5. Heated Clothing

Motorcycle Heated Clothing

Heat clothing keeps you warm using your bike’s electrical system. This accessory is a bit expensive. However, not everyone needs to get this. If your city has a freezing temperature, having this one will buy you great comfortable, extended riding seasons regardless of the temperature.

6. Crash Protection

Crash Protection

You don’t want to face crashes; still, you need to take protection to keep the damage to its minimum. For this purpose, you can get bar ends, frame sliders, fork sliders, and swingarm spools that will protect the bike from severe damage.

These crash protection parts are way cheaper than the expensive plastic body and hard parts of your bike.

7. Reflection

If you regularly have to return to your home by riding during nights, having a good reflection system on your bike is a must. Lots of accidents occur due to poor visibility, mostly at night time.

motorcycle reflection system

Consider getting reflective plate bolts, stickers, tape, and strategically place them on the bike’s surface. Some riding gears come with reflective panels or tubing; for example, a reflective helmet or jacket; you can also buy them for convenience as well.

8. Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit

No matter how many times you check the condition of the tire and tube, deep down, you always have a fear of ending up with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Having such a repair kit can make fixing a lot easier.

Motorcycle Tire and Tube Repair Kit Image

You don’t even need to wait for the professionals to come and fix it for you and pay money that is 5 times the price of kit like this one.

9. Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

If you frequently race or tour with your buddies, establishing a communication system among the riders is an essential thing. You can even do audio multitasking that seamlessly blends the voice transmission. Some advanced communicators also feature an action camera that comes very handy for those who shoot on the go.

This is an essential piece of accessories for bike enthusiasts.

10. Action/Go Pro Camera

Action/Gopro Camera in helmet

In case you travel more often and want to record every bit of your riding and touring experience, having a Go-Pro camera is a must for you, similar to your helmet. Some high-end action cameras come with a GPS feature that allows you to integrate the data based on location.

Honorable Mentions

Apart from all these that are mentioned above, you can also get a tank bag, advance GPS, portable power supply, rugged backpack, advanced LED headlight, disk lock, motorbike windshield, exhaust wrap roll, and many others to further enhance your riding experience.

Final Words

Having a motorcycle itself brings you several advantages than those who don’t have. However, you can further increase its efficiency and potentiality by adding a few useful accessories that will take care of the safety issue as well as make riding even more enjoyable.